Our white Christmas turned into a white New Year's

And a white January in general

A flattened box made an impromptu sled.

I tested it out first for Emerson

We decided a trashcan lid was more his speed

There was even a lid big enough for both of us.

Throwing ice chunks was our winter sport

Once the world thawed out, Emerson could go to the park with Grandma Bopp and Grampa Wood

We managed a few visits to the zoo.

Emerson is an expert at the petting zoo.

Sort of.

The requisite rhino photo for Grandma Hritz

Just cause it's a zoo doesn't mean it's not a playground, too.

Jenny turns 20 this year, I think. We got her in 91/92, right?


Candy hunting at the county park

Emerson even hugged the Easter bunny.

Dying eggs is serious business.

Depending on who you are.

It's fun until you run out of eggs.

Easter Egg hunting at home!

Those boots have gotten a lot of mileage

What's better than Easter Egg Hunting? Easter Egg Hunting with a sucker.

Maybe a little bit of a sugar buzz?

And so, Easter 2011 marks the beginning of Lego

More egg hunting, this time at Grandma's!

A visit to Grandma Bopp's and Grandpa Wood's means seeing Petey, too!

And riding the horse.

And all kinds of fun!