It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so let’s ease back into this nice and slow with a a few pictures of Emerson:






This isn't as bad as it looks, but that's not saying as much. Emerson seems to be as allergic to mosquito bites as his Grandma Bopp.



Earlier this month we went up to the mountains.

Emerson likes it up in the mountains.

And he likes visiting Grandma Bopp and Grandpa Wood (and Petey).

But he still needs a little something familiar to feel at home.



The first day we took a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

There were many pictures to be taken.



The next day we went to Burt's Farm to look at pumpkins and take the hay ride.

Emerson didn't much care for the tractor ride ... at first.

The pumpkins, on the other hand, were very interesting.



But of course, one of the best things about the mountains are the views.



Thanks, Mom and Wood!

And Petey!



Emerson's mosquito bite looks like a third red-eye.



And now for Emerson's Birthday!

Aunt Marie set up Emerson's train table.

Emerson loved it!



On to Halloween!