Buddha and Emerson

Our 4th of July was like this

And this

Emerson really wanted to help, but he settled for filming it.

At least until the last spark was out and he could finally help.

Kim had quite the dessert for us afterward


Emerson has finally discovered the piano

I promise I didn't eat Emerson

I might have infected him, though

You'll be seeing a lot of pictures of Emerson at the park. That's where he smiles the most. On the way to the park, though...

Playing at the park in July is hard work!

This is a movie if you follow the link

This is a movie, too. Emerson gets so entranced by other kids.

He's become quite the megabloc tower builder! This one is one of the first few he's made all by himself.

He's also entering that phase where he wants his way when he wants it and how he wants it. Fun times ahead!