I realize there’s nothing any more special about printing out your own book on Lulu.com than there is printing it out on your own home printer, but it still makes me happy.

I mention this because if any of you have been thinking about reading it after my initial email a month or two ago but are turned off by the idea of reading on a computer screen, this option is considerably cheaper than printing it out from Staples.  (Sorry to those of you who did print it out at Staples!  Thank you very much, though!)  It’s available here: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/a-diamond-in-snow—private-galley/11710772, and it’s about $11.50 (the cost of printing without markup) plus shipping.  Right now Lulu has a deal where orders of $20 are shipped for free (but don’t expect them to arrive the same day).

Thanks again to everyone who has been reading the story and giving me feedback.  This version already includes a lot of your fixes, but I’m still happy for any comments people may have!  I’m hoping to wrap up a polished version to start shopping to agents in the first week of August, but I’ll be extremely grateful for any comments received either before or after then.