So, I posted these pictures on Flickr a long time ago (nearly a month), but kind of forgot to actually put them into the blog for people to see.

In this edition:

We go to the Zoo.

Emerson starts breaking in his trike.

He’s got the “sit on it without crying” part down now, but we’re still working on the “pedaling” part.

Random picture:

We go to Grandmama Bopp’s house (for easter, maybe?)

We also went to a spiffy new park.

Where we learned that Emerson is a very serious swinger.

We introduced Emerson to his pool.

You could be excused for thinking Emerson had a ball.  In fact, it was about as much as the trike.

We went back to the zoo (we have an annual pass), and this time we made it to the petting zoo!

This time we also mad sure to get a few good animal shots for Grandma Marianne