Some pictures of us all from the last few holidays:

Emerson joins the jack-o-lantern family.

Emerson and Kim as scary monsters!

Emerson ready for trick-or-treating!

Okay, these two pictures don't have anything to do with holidays.

They're just Emerson and I hamming it up.






And hamming it up.


Mom had a spiffy shirt. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it has owls in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

On to Christmas!

This year, by the time Christmas morning rolled around, Emerson just -knew- it was going to be something exciting.

Did I mention that he's started climbing?

Everyone was taking so long; he could hardly wait!

Oh, but first -

Doesn't Emerson look dapper in his Christmas picture outfit?

On to presents!

Emerson got the hang of opening wrapping paper after a few tries.

Michelle found some exciting presents.

So did Chris.

Emerson found many exciting things.



But it's still hard to compete with the old fashioned pleasures.

One last surprise present!

It was a big hit!

And then it was a change of clothes,

And off to Grandma's house for fun and games (and food!)