One year? Already?

Sometimes it's hard to buy Emerson presents when the box is as fun as the toys.

Emerson's first night at Mom and Wood's cabin - he loved it up there!

He had so many smiles.

And he had lots of fun with Mom and Wood.

Petey wasn't so sure about Emerson.

Emerson did a lot of exploring.

And he watched TV

And he played with his new Legos.

But he didn't get to type.

Even if he reeeeeally wanted to.

Emerson had his first real excuse to wear his leather jacket, too.

We went out.

We went to a fair, but it was raining most of the time.

Still, there were fun things to do.

Especially at the petting zoo!

Plus, when we got back, there was a train for Emerson!

Trains are serious business.

But not everything has to be serious.

The next day we went pumpkin shopping.

And then it was time for Emerson's Birthday!

This is the card we made for him. Actually, one of two. The other one we sent to Sprout, but we messed up and it wasn't accepted. 😦

Still, it was fun to make and it was cute.

I already posted the good pictures, but here's his cake!

It was tasty!

Very, very tasty.

Then we went home.

And Emerson had his first spaghetti!

And, sadly, turned into a pasta zombie. But just for a little while.

More recently, Emerson test-drove his Halloween costume.