Yesterday Kim and I went on a little date, and I thought it might be nice to shave for her since she’s not the biggest fan of the beard.

After I came out of the bathroom clean-shaven, I took Emerson with me to the computer room to give her some space and freedom to finish getting ready. I sat him on my lap in front of the computer, and as is his wont, he reached up over his shoulder to tug on my beard. When he felt a smooth chin instead, he turned back to look at me, and his eyes went wide like I’d become a monster. I smiled and told him it was just me, but he started bawling, and for the rest of the day he cried whenever he saw me. It was so funny, and so sad.

Today I have some stubble and he seems adjusted, thank goodness (since Kim’s at work again and I’m watching him), but I suppose I won’t be shaving again for awhile.