Is anyone out there looking for an idea for a TV show?  Here’s one I thought of right after Kim and I watched Deja Vu.  (If you follow along really closely, you might see the connection.)

The show is called “The One who Died”.  The basic concept is that a person (or people) can be sent a few days (a week?) into the past to change it – prevent an accident, divert an attack, stop a murder – there are a hundred possible reasons.  The one who goes back into the past knows they’ll probably die – they expect to die, knowing that if they succeed, there will be no reason for themselves in the new, alternate timeline to go into the past, so the alternate timeline them will live on.

The wrinkle is that is that one who goes back to die occasionally survives.  That means the new timelines end up with duplicates, or triplicates, or maybe 23 of the same person who have to remain out of circulation to avoid raising suspicions.  Maybe on the bigger tasks these clones go back as a team who have trouble getting along.

I think the show could be played for camp and laughs, something like Chuck.

Other possible twists:

The team that runs this project isn’t a government agency; it’s a group of grad students (like Flatliners) who have to remain below radar.

To fund the ongoing project, one or more of the team goes back in time and dies in an accident where their body can be found, so they can collect the life insurance.  The circumstances are odd enough to pique the interest of an insurance investigator, who is one of their foils.

The character who goes back is a petite woman (she has the lowest bodymass).  People love the female action leads these days.

As they begin to collect a retinue of survivors, each of whom has lived a week longer than the alternate timeline version of them who didn’t go back, and the survivors go back and survive, the survivors accumulate a noticeable age differential, and maybe a skill differential.

It would probably make a better short story than a TV show, now that I think about it, but I have too much else to write first.