No, not that kind of yes man.

Nor this kind of Yes man (thought it could be argued I am already that).

I mean this kind of yes man – the kind who is asked, ‘Can you perform this incredibly complex and possibly impossible feat?’, and he says, ‘Yes,’ and figures out the details later.  (In my case, the question would probably be more like, ‘Can you perform this task which might possibly contain a hint of difficulty and otherwise put you out slightly?’.  Also, I am most likely to be the one asking myself these questions.)  I find myself too often responding to these types of challenges with a first reaction that seeks out all the reasons it cannot be done, or should not be done, or just won’t be done – all the reasons to give a no.  It’s a stretch of my socio-emotional muscles to say, ‘Sure!’ without a caveat or tentative context that will reduce expectations to the point that any kind of success would be a laudable feat.  That’s a bad habit, I think, particularly since the greatest effect is to quash all of the ideas I have into fantasies.

Of course, I couldn’t say ‘Yes,’ to everything – I don’t have the resources to do everything that’s asked of me and everything I can imagine doing – but I’d like to be able to say, ‘Yes!’ to anything.