Kim has graciously allowed me to dominate the TV these last couple of weeks with the Olympics.  That’s not to say that she dislikes the Olympics, but she wasn’t bouncing on her seat and wide-eyed when the commercials were on a month back.

There was a lot to like, especially watching archery and taekwando and judo online while work was slow, but I started to get frustrated by two things:

  • The interviews with the athletes after the performances were often invasive, pointless (“How are you feeling now?” “I won. I’m smiling, see!”), and usually made the interviewer look either like an ass or an idiot.  I was spoiled by watching the lesser sports online, where there usually weren’t commentators or interviews.  Watching sailing, with no commercials, no soundtrack, and no talking, was both serene and exciting.
  • Track victory laps.  I think at least half of the time track was on TV, it was watching someone who just ran for 20 seconds parade their flag around for 5 minutes.  Celebration is great, and when you win a gold by completing the 5th 1 hour water-polo match in a week, it’s great to spend 10 minutes or so whooping it up.  Celebration is great, but formalized grandstanding is really annoying after fifth or 10th time.

Now that the Olympics are over, I’m worried about how long it will take to paint the solar system for Emerson’s room.  Before I could paint at a card table while I watched the TV with one eye, but I don’t think I can watch two weeks of covention coverage…