Our latest sonogram.  I’m too lazy to hook up the scanner at the moment, but I think with sonograms sometimes squinting and crossing your eyes a bit helps anyway.  The baby is doing great, by the way!

Five of nine bug paintings completed!  I think Carl the Caterpillar may count for more than just 1, though.  I’ve been painting while we watch the olympics at night, which is some good fun.

Speaking of bugs and babies, this morning when I went outside I saw a whole nursery of these little guys clustered in one corner of our back door.  I’m pretty sure they belong to some proud parent Acanthocephala, to judge by their shape and coloration.  By the time I got back outside with my camera, they’d scattered all over the porch.  In the last picture you can see a couple of them skirting dangerously close to a funnel spider’s nest… I’m pretty sure most of them will meet a fate along the lines of where these ones are headed.