I thought y’all might like to see a few more photos, so here you go!


Shakespeare is a very loving cat and will curl up with anyone who will let him.  Jenny is not so sure she’s interested in inter-species fraternization.

Since he had such a long and heavy coat we thought we’d shave him for summer.  The results were… interesting.

The Moon

I don’t know what it was that was so interesting about the moon and the trees and the cloud for me, but I was really happy this night.

I’ve made you wait long enough

It’s a boy!  What you’re looking at here is an indecent shot of the baby from the rear up, as if he were sitting on a glass table.  His legs go off to the right, and the sonogram technician was kind enough to point to the “extra bits” in the picture.  (Personally, I think he has the right number of bits.)

And finally, the glamor shot!  That’s his head on the right if you weren’t sure.