Well, this blog has been idle too long, so here are a few quick updates:

  • Our lawnmower was dying (due largely to careless off-roading by myself), and last weekend it died right in the middle of mowing the front yard.  Since I’d waited a few weeks to mow – long enough for the dandelions to grow – and since I mow the lawn in a long, oval spiral, we now have a strip of tall grass and dandelions running down the middle of our front yard.  I ordered the replacement lawnmower (a cordless electric!) online, so our neighbors will have to deal with the punk yard for a little while.
  • Kim’s birthday weekend was great fun!  Thanks to Mom and Wood for inviting us over.  I still feel a little goofy about getting Kim a Coach purse, but the quality level is so much higher than the purses at the shoe or department stores that I think it will actually end up being a better buy over the next few years.  In either case, she was very happy!
  • Recently seen movies rated from wonderful to eye-gouging:  Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones, Sex and the City.  Iron Man would be worth a second and maybe even third viewing in the theaters.  What a great superhero movie! Prince Caspian was a step better than The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but I found myself disappointed by a wandering storyline in Indiana Jones.  I suspect it would improve significantly with a second viewing.  I hope never to watch the Sex and the City movie again.  I died a little bit on the inside.
  • Next week we go for the ultrasound where we might find out the sex of the baby!  Woohoo!
  • Work is terrifically busy, but due to urging from Dad I’m keeping A Diamond in Snow rolling on.  I think the second Act will finish up in July.
  • If any of you liked Imogen Heap (I think Anne in particular liked her) and/or the band Iris, the band Way out West is an interesting amalgam of the two.  I highly recommend any and all of the three.