I couldn’t do this, and I don’t know that I know anyone who could, because the security expertise required would be quite high…

I think a great idea for a business would be an online password vault.  There’s no good reason why it couldn’t store other pieces of digital information – a few thoughts, maybe a living trust, bank account numbers, addresses, etc. – but the core of the site is to store sites/accounts and user names and passwords.  And eventually, to supply these to someone other than you.  You see, the site is designed to pass on these things if you die or become otherwise incapable of passing on the information yourself; all your email accounts, forum memberships, banking logins – whatever you enter – will be emailed (or mailed for an extra fee) to the addresses you list when the conditions you give are met.   Some ideas for conditions are: failing to meet 3 consecutive monthly (biannual, weekly, whatever) login deadlines (this might be a preferable method, since a regular login give you an opportunity to keep things up to date), or failing to meet a challenge* by a set deadline.  (* A challenge in this case:  I might give Kim and my parents and Todd a token (basically a username and password), and if they think I’m indisposed for whatever reason, they can use their token to challenge the site.  The site then emails/mails/calls me (whatever service level you’ve paid for) to let me know that my living status is challenged.  If I’m confirmed alive, then the challenge fails.  If I do not respond in the period I’ve specified (perhaps a month), then the information is distributed to whomever I set up to receive it (and not necessarily the same someones I gave a token to).)

I think the security would be the hardest part of this business, as you’d be guarding things at least as valuable as what people put in their safe deposit boxes (like safe deposit box numbers!)

I’m sure there could be other wrinkles, but that’s about it.  I’m concerned about blogs and email accounts and things like that going unaddressed if I were to die suddenly.  Is anyone aware of a service like this, or can think of a better way to achieve it themselves?