At least not on this blog – I’ve been adding 5 posts a week to Theogenesis, which keeps me writing about 3-4 pages a week over on the Theomythy.

But I just got back from the dentist, so I have some extra time to kick around (and where better to kick it around?)  This is my first time going since grad school, which means…. errr…. 8 years?  I’d noticed that the less often I went to the dentist, the fewer cavities I had, so why go at all?  (“Yeah, that’s what it was,” said my sarcastic dental hygenist today)  I finally went now because I figured my mouth must be riddled with cavities, but nope!  Only one in a wisdom tooth, and the rest of the sensitivity is from grinding and brushing away my gums.  The dentist told me I need to be gentle with my teeth, and here I’ve been treating them like a drill sergeant!  The hygenist didn’t even tell me to floss more, not after she snapped several pieces of floss between my gapless teeth. 🙂

The cavity in the wisdom tooth is pretty big, so I’ve opted to have them pull it instead of letting them drill for oil.  Some people might argue that I need all of the wisdom I can get, and pulling a wisdom tooth is an especially bad idea, but I’m hoping the hole it leaves will drip wisdom down into my mouth where I seem to need it the most.  We’ll see!