Kim and I bought a Wii this weekend, among other things.  I really wasn’t planning on getting one – I’d sensibly talked myself out of it, and it didn’t hurt that our regular Target was always out of stock.

But then suddenly, almost a year after they’ve been on the market, Target had one and all of my sensibility went out the window.  I felt really bad about spending the money on it, and told Kim I was going to leave it in the bag for a day to see if I really wanted it.  Maybe I’d take it back the next morning.  She let me know I was being silly and I hooked it up.  And I haven’t looked back.

Actually, I didn’t look at the clock much, either.  Kim and I both bowled and played tennis and tried all of the sports titles that come with it until our shoulders were sore, but then I went on to play Zelda until 6 the next morning.  Yikes – I haven’t done that in a while.

It’s a real blast!  I look forward to people coming over to try it out! 😀