I’m sitting out on the front porch on our new porch furniture, on the comfort of our new outdoor porch furniture cushions.  (Don’t tell Kim, but there’s a beautiful golden orb weaver  hiding in a corner of one of the front porch windows.)  I’m listening to Jeff Buckley sing one of his best songs out of my iPod.  Jenny’s on the porch, too, but I don’t think she’s quite sure this is as exciting as a walk, which would probably kill her in this heat.   “No Pudge” fudge is cooling in the refrigerator.  In a little while I’ll go inside for a cold drink, and life will be peachy!

Last night I posted the next week’s worth of Theogenesis to the Theomythy blog, and I made some significant revision to the little bit that I’ve already posted, to the effect that instead of feeling like a hen forcing out a pearlstring of bowling balls, I feel like it’s actually something like legitimately readable writing.

Oh – I should mention.  I’m feeling rather pleased right now, because I finally spend some Amazon gift certificates I’ve been hording since my birthday, and I just finished watching Big Trouble in Little China.  Hah!  What an awesome movie.  I’ve also got the collected works of Oscar Wilde and the new novel from Charles Stross just sitting there, waiting to be read and drop gobs of goodness into my eyes.

What a wonderful day!