At around noon today, in the Cornerstone Lane Plains – a disaster!  Glorious blades of grass, not just your 6-8 inchers, but majestic 12 and 18 inch specimens, were cut down in their prime by the Grinning Reaper!  Row after row after swathe after swathe were mowed over with no warning or pity; the streets were littered with the grisly aftermath.

Some of the greater blades thought perhaps submission was all that the Grinning Reaper required, and they laid down beneath the whirling blades.  But no, the Reaper returned again and again until each blade had been hacked to its shins.  Thankfully, the youngest of the blades, who were able to hide amongst the ankles of the mature blades and had not yet reached for the sun, were short enough to be spared this monstrous fate.

(I mowed the lawn today without my iPod.  This is how I entertain myself.  After our vacation in California and my laziness the weekend prior, it was rather tall.  But I didn’t feel like taking pictures, so here you go.)