I have this idea I’m thinking of pitching to John (my boss).

I estimate the following probabilities for the idea’s reception:

  • 40% – outright rejection without serious consideration.
  • 45% – ultimate rejection with planned but never applied consideration.
  • 13% – ultimate rejection after serious consideration.
  • 02% – Success!  Woohoo!

Here’s my idea.  Tell me if you think it’s a good one.

I suggest that I (not everyone) work Monday through Saturday, and in return take 62 days of vacation each year (leaving me the same number of working and vacation days each year).  Standard rules for accruing vacation apply.  Vacation still needs prior approval.

The reasoning:

Two days of weekend hardly seem like the refreshment they promise.  Two weeks of vacation seem like precious little, so they are hoarded and maximized in a way that still produces little refreshment.  Additionally, because vacation is so uncommon, I don’t really know how to do it, and don’t usually end up relaxing.  Because vacation days are hoarded, I always hesitate to use them for the things they’d really be useful for, like dental appointments or taking a day off to write or just to visit family.

The Pros and Cons:

Cons for me:

  • 1 day off a week won’t be enough and I’ll go crazy. (This is unlikely.  Many people with two jobs have no days off -and- no vacation.  Kim often works 6-day weeks.  It’s not fun, but they don’t have 62 days of vacation, either).

Cons for work:

  • With 62 days off, my schedule is not as reliable. I cannot be counted on to be at work 19 out of 20 Thursdays, for example.  (Unlikely – if specific schedule is necessary, it could be honored as possible.  Additionally, my job in IT is not nearly as schedule-oriented as many jobs – it’s much more project and immediate-fix oriented.)

Benefits for me:

  • I could have more, real vacations, and visit people.  I could take off week days for medical appointments, to get the car fixed, to write, or just to relax.
  • Since the office will be mostly empty on Saturdays, I can use the day for regular server maintenance (updates, reboots) which they don’t get now.  I can concentrate more thoroughly on complicated projects, since I won’t be interrupted several times an hour with small issues.
  • No Rush hour traffic on Saturdays!
  • Casual dress day on Saturdays!
  • I can plan a schedule more in line with Kim’s days off!

Benefits for work:

  • Employee retention – this is a benefit that would be hard to find elsewhere.
  • Server updates!  We need those!
  • Faster project completion, due to more uninterrupted time.
  • Saturday is the busiest days for our stores, but they are afraid to call me since I’m “off”.  Now they don’t have to worry about that.
  • On-the-clock support for work-at-homers, as these seem to be likely in the future.
  • A happier, more generally rested employee!

So, what do you think?