Oh, my.  This has been a great summer for movies so far.  At least, the ones we’ve seen have been great.

Very briefly:

Live Free or Die Hard – very enjoyable.  What should a Die Hard movie have?  Lots of action – Check.  Explosions – Check.  Humor – Check.  Witty banter – Check Check!  (Well, and Bruce Willis, but of course!)  There’s a scene near the end, with this plane, and it gets a little non-sensical, but whatever!  By that time, I was on the edge of my seat.

Transformers – This was a movie that last year I was completely sure would be awful, lame, and forgettable.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Gah!  It was great!  The special effects were to Robots as the Lord of the Rings movies were to fantasy.  And the robots moved and rolled and transformed like real… errr… giant robots, not like puppets on a green screen.  And Shia leBeouff was funny!  I can’t wait until it’s out on video so I can watch it as often as The Hulk!