Zeus seems to have backed down, and Jupiter has not yet taken my challenge.  In any case, the sky was clear this evening at twilight, and I was finally able to stare at the moon through the telescope.  The definition is amazing!  with the right lenses, the moon – just – fits into the field of view, but on a night like tonight, the cool thing is seeing all of the craters outlined in the penumbra of the moon.  It was amazing!

I also was able to catch Venus, but she was too bright to make out much more than a half-circle.

Kim came to have a look, too, and I went next door and let my neighbor know I had a new telescope pointed at the moon, and the whole family came over for a stare.  Jenny didn’t really want to look through the telescope, but she did want to lick the face of whoever was.  She’s helpful that way.

I’m so excited, and I can’t wait until it’s winter again with the crisp, early nights!

Oh, and we saw bats!