…and apparently I’ve neglected to mention any of them on this blog.  So here they are, in brief review:

Amazing Grace: Kim’s choice, and as usual, I end up liking her choice.  Good period piece, good acting by Mr. Fantastic, and a good watch for a Sunday afternoon.  DVD is fine.

300: I’m glad we watched this in the theater – it’s definitely a big screen movie.  The violence was prevalent, but not the horrific, overwhelming kind.  I didn’t pass out even once.  Great graphics, and lots of “Hoo-ah!”.  Horrific indifference to history – not the kind that’s okay for a movie.  Spartans were portrayed as heterosexual, wholesome defenders of liberty.  Persians were portrayed as effete, slavery-loving freaks of nature.  Athenians were portrayed as boy-lovers with no spine for battle…  Err… aren’t all those things exactly wrong?  Like, completely and utterly wrong?  I came out of the movie with half a mind to write a screenplay about the valiant British underdogs used wits and stealth to fight back the bloated imperialist American stormtroopers in 1776 to secure lasting freedom for all of Europe.  Oh, and George Washington was a time-traveling offspring of Cthulu.  I think it’s more accurate than 300.

Spiderman: 3: Everyone who says the movie is a casserole of 5 different storylines crammed into one are right.  And it’s really good that way.  It’s a comic book movie – that’s how comic books work.  I thought it was terrific.  Big Screen material.

The Last Mimsy: Man, have I wanted to watch this movie ever since I saw the first preview way back when.  And I’m really glad we caught it in the theater.  And I honestly enjoyed it.  It had the potential for greatness.  Unfortunately, it seems as though someone like the producer or editor, or somebody who came in after the majority of principal photography decided that since the main characters were kids, it should be a kids’ movie.  No – it really shouldn’t.  It’s too complicated, too in depth.  Plus, a lot of the scenes that were already shot were definitely -not- kids’ movie material.  I mean – Dwight from The Office walking around in little more than a night shirt?  Anyway, when the DVD is released, it will be on my Amazon wish list.