Here’s a couple more ideas/inventions:

The Hose Wrangler

I have this problem – I attach my hose and run off to water the yard, and after stretching the hose this way and that, I look back to find that the hose has been dragged through the garden, smashing flowers, snapping stalks – causing havoc. I have this solution: the Hose Wrangler. The Hose Wrangler is a stake, atop which is a pivot, atop which is a diamond-configuration of rollers. The top two roller arms of the diamond open to let the hose in, and then maybe latch shut or stay shut by spring action. Once the hose is in place in the Wrangler, which is staked into the edge of the garden, you can run around with the far end and not worry about what the hose is doing between the Wrangler and the spigot. You know exactly what it’s doing – it’s staying still and not smashing flowers.

Multi-store keyfob

You know how all of those stores – the grocery store, PetSmart, Blockbuster, the gas station – want to put something on your keychain or in your wallet? They call them loyalty programs, and sometimes, they’re actually beneficial to the customer. Small companies like mine could never hope to have a loyalty program of their own – who would carry a card or keyfob for a store they visit maybe twice a year, even if it got them a discount? Enter the mutli-store keyfob – an independent, third party company that supplies a universal keyfob. Companies like mine would pay the keyfob company to buy into their customer base – never a customer list, since the customers have to trust the company – but the right to query their database when a customer lets us scan their card. We then get the customer’s name, address, whatever, and we can reward the customer for their business with a discount, or coupon or whatever. The company, of course, would also reward the customer for signing up with them, so everyone wins: The vendor pays the company in exchange for not having to run a loyalty program, the company makes a profit running the service, and the customer gets the benefits of joining a loyalty program without having to fill up their keychain.