The Floral kind, not the sporty kind.  Sorry, Mom.

But it’s still spring, it’s still sunny, and I still have a front yard full of flowers, which I really enjoy taking pictures of, for some reason.  Thus are you forced to suffer more flower photography.

Now that the Flickr tide has swept over me, and now that WordPress is griping that I’ve already used 60% of the space available to me for pictures, I’m trying out posting images directly from Flickr.  The links go back there, because that’s what they want you to do, and I’m nothing if not someone who follows directions.

I love how this time of year color just starts popping up, unbidden, from the yard.  It’s difficult to make out, but these little purple guys show up everywhere.  It makes me feel like we have a meadow outside.

Jenny likes to help with the photography.

Except for the irises in the corner, the front garden is running at full strength now.  And we thought there were going to be too many flowers!  We could fit at least twice as many bulbs in there. 🙂