Kim’s too easy on me – I buy way more movies than I need, and many of them are of dubious quality.  But last night’s movie purchase and viewing was of the finest quality.

Casino Royale is the finest Bond movie ever made – better than any of the Connery movies, and – yes – even better than the Timothy Dalton installments.  From the parkour scene in the beginning through the card games, the fist fights, and the brief car chase near the end, the action is fresh, and if not “gritty”, it’s both believable and hyper-realistic in a way that out-Bournes The Bourne Identity.  Eva Green is definitely my favorite Bond Girl, and I think her character and dialog is actually pretty respectable.  There’s not much in the way of gadgets – the spaciest looking piece of equipment is the defibrillator in Bond’s emergency medical kit, but I think that really helps the movie in its leaner, more plot- and character-driven style.  I think the only thing that really bothered me about the film is the incessant product placements.  They beat me over the head just a little more than I like.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I’d recommend it.  If you live near me, I’ll be happy to loan it to you!