I’ve been a bit of a funk lately. That’s a euphemism for ‘I’ve been feeling lost’ – not lost like I’m stuck in a dark corner and I don’t know where I am on the map, but more lost like I’m in a vast, open field, and I don’t think there is a map. It doesn’t have too much to do with being sick lately or my frustrations at work; frankly I think I might just be having trouble remembering whatever it was that I used to remember that kept me from being depressed.

I think I’m bumming Kim out, because instead of furiously burning through whatever hundred things were that I just had to get done, I’m moping aimlessly.

So that segues nicely into: we went out to watch a couple of movies today, and none of those brain-melting Pan’s Labyrinth kind, that might be really good and somehow awful at the same time.

We saw the fluffy and harmless Music & Lyrics, and I think I can finally admit that “Romantic Comedy” has become my second-favorite genre after “Superheroes”. For those of you keeping track, that knocks the “Vampire” genre into the uncoveted third place. (Uncoveted, of course, because it’s the kind of movie you always mean to watch more of, but don’t because there’s a good, romantic, superhero-ey comedy on instead.) Hugh Grant, of course, pretty much makes any romantic comedy pleasantly acceptable, at worst. I’m sure he feels that it’s a blessing and a curse, but it’s the kind of curse that can keep your bank account heavy. I would recommend it more because, as a Romantic Comedy, Music & Lyrics is a healthy representation of its genre, though it doesn’t have too much special or unique to add.

After that was done (and thus after the majority of children were at home and nearly in bed, and not running about a theater smacking random steel handrails with Red Vines), we stayed on to watch Bridge to Terabithia. I read a review beforehand that said it was Pan’s Labyrinth Lite, and in a way the reviewer was right. Unlike the indications from the commercials, little of the movie actually takes place within the fantasy world – it’s just a thread that runs through a real-life story. Of course, people who have read the book may suspect that already; I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t read the book. I think I will, though – I suspect that movie hinted at a lot from the book but couldn’t show it all. That, and the movie was actually really good. It made me cry, just a little, and that’s pretty good for a kid’s movie. Eh – what am I talking about – kid’s movies are probably the best suckerpunchers, if they’re not the type that highlight fart jokes and flourescent slime. (This one is not that type.) I would definitely recommend this movie.