I’ve been leaving work a little later than normal lately, and boy is it worth it when the night is clear. Venus is so bright and beautiful!

You know how a lot of people both mythologize celebrities and develop pseudo-relationships with them? At the same time that they develop these legendary personalities whose only flaws are forgivable and romantic, that they create these dramatic life histories for them, people feel like they’ve come to know and like them as friends, and that if the celebrity just got to know them, they could really be such great friends?

That’s how I feel about the night sky. I don’t really know why – whether it’s flirting with astrology or reading the Exalted books or studying mythology or what – but I feel like I have a relationship with the sky. When I see Venus, it’s just a dot of course, but I feel like she’s big and bright, like she’s the moon in E.T., like she’s come for a visit, like it’s a special occasion. I feel like if I just stare long and hard enough, if the sky’s clear enough, that I’ll see these brightly-colored nebulae between the stars.

So, if I talk a little too much about the moon or the stars, you’ll have to forgive me, but I really am excited.