Todd reminded me the other day that I haven’t talked much about the car grief we’ve had recently, or the problems Kim’s had with her arm and it keeping her from work, or various other little gripes and annoyances.

The truth is (or at least this is what I think it is – hopefully reality bears me out), I don’t really find those kinds of things that interesting – they’re basically problems to be solved, and either I bang my head against them or ask for suggestions, but describing daily problems (philosophical matters are quite another thing, and worthy of much griping) seems relatively pointless.

For those of you who do like hearing about the daily trial and tribulations, I ask that you put your sympathy change in the emotional bank until I really need it, like when I start getting rejection letters after I finish and submit novels to editors.  I imagine there will be quite a bit of despondant blogging then. 🙂