I’ve always enjoyed three-dimensional art – statue replicas, action figure (and fine, dolls and figurines, if you must), and in the last couple of years I’ve developed a Christmas collection: angels.  Not any angels, mind you – not just any old biddy in a frock with a harp, and certainly none of that Rafaelite/Precious Moments/Cherubic hoo-haa;  I’m talking grand, Voice-of-God, Annunciation Angels.  It is a little hard to find a tree-topper that makes you fall to your knees in holy awe, but I do the best I can.

In case you don’t recall, here’s last year’s angel:

Aramaic Angel

There was some discussion about whether she was black or middle-eastern (not that it really mattered), but you can see my leanings by mousing over the image.

Here’s this year’s angel:

White Angel

We actually got another angel, and (to my mild embarrassment), we discovered she was a Thomas Kincade angel only when we were paying and she was being boxed up.  Oh well – I still like her.