This weekend, at long last, I finished the Illuminatus! Trilogy.


This was quite a feat – the book was 732 pages long, not including the appendices (which I did not entirely read).  The length of the book was augmented by its difficulty due to the extended chapters, which changed points of view with no notice, sometimes mid-paragraph, or even mid-sentence, and the run-on stream-of-consciousness sentences that could extend over one page.  I believe the whole book was written to make the reader feel like they were tripping on acid, and, well… I don’t know what that feels like, but the book was quite a trek.  All in all, I don’t know that I’d recommend it to everyone (it was recommended to me by a Slashdot article as foundational for all nerds), but I think it would certainly have its audience (the fantastical conspiracy theory crowd).

I put up the Christmas lights again, which involves a little bit of acrobatics on the ladder and the roof, but is satisfying once done.  They went up even before December this year due to my Old Year’s resolution to enjoy Christmas with Kim.  Sorry there are no pictures – I think we’ll wait until Kim’s done her Christmas decorating and post it all at once.

And last night, Kim and I went out to watch The Prestige, the movie of the half-dozen or so that Kim and I really want to see that we thought was most likely to leave the theaters soonest.  It was pretty good (not Oscar good, I thought), and had some clever blending of regular, illusion-type magic with the semi-steampunk/electric-arcane type mythos built up around Nikola Tesla and his time.  I enjoyed that last aspect of the film especially.

All of this was amidst the busiest retail weekend of the year (so they say), so Kim was slammed at work, and I stayed more or less chained to my work computer and phone (when I wasn’t swinging from ladders or in the theater late Sunday night).  At least all the time by the computer gave me a chance to do both a lot of reading and writing!