I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while.  Tonight, for no particular reason, is the night.

Google personalized home is my home.  Here’s why it should be yours:


You really have to click on the picture and zoom in to see all of the nifty tools I have on there.  Weather, newsrolls, to-do lists, and just interesting links.  It’s a great place to start each day.


I have a whole separate page for blogs.  Since Jill and Sarah tend to post several times a day, I can check for new posts and then just click on the blog link above it to go to the whole page, instead of the individual posts.  Anne and Mom and others that tend to come in singles, I can click directly to the post link.  And look, I just added “Vox” for you new Voxians.


This is my latest page, so it’s not very full yet.  The idea is supposed to be that this is the page I jump to when I’m ready to start writing (or maybe drawing).  I think I need a link to google docs, and maybe an oekaki page, so I’ll probably add these soon.

Anyway, this is the future of homepages and bookmarks, I think.  I highly recommend it.