I don’t remember how I found the site, but a month or two ago I stumbled across a site called Literotica. I thought it might be a good place to post Cheating Life, since the sex in that story was what hung people up the most.

I was pretty surprised when they rejected the story, until I read the details – they thought I should wait and post it for their yearly Halloween contest, which offers real cash prizes! I hadn’t really thought about it as a Halloween story, but it did have vampires, so…

I waited until the contest opened and resubmitted Cheating Life, along with “Into the Grey“, which isn’t strictly erotic, but the site seems pretty flexible.

Yeah… so neither of those stories won – in fact they didn’t even qualify for the contest, since they didn’t get enough attention in the form of “votes”. But they did get read, and I did get some really nice comments back, and that’s worth more than a few twenties to me. One person even recognized the Heinleinian influences in Cheating Life, which was really flattering.

Oh, and I did write another short story particularly for the contest … and it did win – second place! That’s a $100 prize! Woohoo! The story is here, but it definitely belongs on Literotica, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I don’t recommend following the link.