So I just finished watching all three Star Wars movies. Not the new ones – the originals. Not the new originals – the original originals. Kim talked me into buying another copy of Star Wars when we saw them reasonably priced at Costco – I had thought I might buy them again someday anyway, since the full-screen versions I had had not been panned-and-scanned very well at all. Since this latest iteration also included the original originals, it wasn’t too hard for Kim to talk me into it.

So, now that I’ve watched all three original originals, I’m going backward through the new originals just for fun, just to pick out the changes. That’s a lot of Star Wars.

We also bought one of those chicken pot pies at Costco – you know the ones that are literally a foot across? Well, I dared Kim to eat half of it in one sitting – I even had 10 dollars that said she couldn’t. I figured I was the only one that silly. Well, she proved me wrong, although she let me know today that she hadn’t felt much like breakfast, and wasn’t too sure when she’d need to eat another meal.

Oh, and I finished Accelerando, so I shouldn’t be having any more extremely strange dreams. But I did it by staying up until 5 am Saturday night (Sunday morning), and let me tell you, that’s pretty late for me. (I fell asleep in the middle of Empire Strikes Back today.)