Jill said she really wanted pictures, but I didn’t know what to give her pictures of. The only things I can take pictures of from the last post are holes in the ground, so that’s what I did.

Check it out!! I almost cut the cable line when I was digging out this monster. That would have stunk!

In this picture, you get not only a back-filled hole, but also the newly discovered stump! Yay – digging out stumps is my favorite! (Actually, I do kind of enjoy having done it.)

I snuck in another shot of our miracle flowers in the background.

I also took this very blurry shot of an orb weaver not weaving orbs while I was outside. Spiders are very cool. I looked for about 20 minutes for the mutant bug described below, but he had wised up and left the back porch.

Stay tuned for an updated picture of the Tattoo!