Today I thought, I suppose a mall-based custom bra retail chain could be rather profitable. People pay plenty for custom coffee, and women (generally) are more quality conscious in their clothing than men – they will pay $200 for shoes or purse, if they’re good enough. Why not a bra? With Oprah et al. telling women that the vast majority of them don’t wear the correct size bra, getting even the occasional free bra fitting from Angie’s (that’s what this shop is called in my head) would be beneficial, and while they’re already in the shop for the fitting, they might see a style they really like… Hmm. If only I had capitol. I’d have started at least 6 or 7 (failed) businesses by now.

Today I thought, people often talk to their dogs like they were babies or toddlers. People talk to their cats like they were adults. How strange.

Today I thought, what if people looked at businesses like they did their bodies? Rather than admiring glut and a big belly, they admired lean, agile beautiful businesses that were more concerned about their health 40 years down the road than they were today’s big bowl of stock dividends? (Okay, everybody loves a bowl of stock dividends, but at least some people exercise later and make sure to keep their whole body happy, and not just their tongue/head.) I guess we just haven’t sufficiently evolved to the point where we want to turn Forbes sideways to loll over the fold-out of that month’s 10-Q.