Is anyone having standardized test flashbacks?

Remember those questions:

Music:Note ; Literature: …

Anyone, anyone? Anyone who said “word” gets a gold star!

And the answer to the titular question?

I say it’s “Judaism:Christianity”.

Christianity is a cult of Judaism, or a theological and philosophical child and purported successor. Christianity replaces Judaism as a new paradigm, but Judaism is valuable for historical and educational purposes. Modern Judaism is obsolete, and is sort of an unfortable embarrassment – they’ve heard the news, but they just haven’t gotten it. (That was my understanding as a fundamentalist Christian.)

Science is the daughter of Philosophy; originally one of Philosophy’s aspects, it’s matured into its own discrete field of study that is often at odds with the Philosopher’s approach.

Science attempts to understand, categorize, and possibly manipulate the material world, including our own selves. Philosophy questions whether this material world and our own selves exist, undermining Science’s legitimacy.

What are the implications of this? I dunno. Just thought I’d point out the comparison.