Let’s see…

In no particular order:

  • Last Sunday I cut down the leaning bush-tree in our front yard. It was attracting bees and causing me to have to make funny patterns to mow the yard, but otherwise the services it provided were all negative. 😉 (I don’t have a good picture of it because it wasn’t picture-worthy, but it’s the bushy-looking thing which is to the right of the box in this picture – of course, the box isn’t there any more, either.) This Sunday (today), I dug out the stump. I’m getting pretty good at that.
  • Friday night I went to a concert. My friend Kevin from Vans is now the roadie for the very good band, Rock Kills Kid, so he got me into the show free, so I could visit with him. He took time from a very busy schedule to just hang with me, and that was quite cool. The band was excellent, too – I bought their album earlier, and it’s one of the few albums I can listen to twice through without a problem, and don’t skip through any of the songs. They were fronted by another band called Big City Rock, who turned about to be pretty darned good as well, and apparently all stand-up guys from the several of them that I met. Both these bands were headlined by Morningwood, but I don’t see why they should have gotten top billing – they were basically a mediocre punk band fronted by a pair of singing boobs. Generally I like female lead singers, but Morningwood’s wasn’t that great, and the talent she was flaunting was a disproportionate pair that were girdled up to provide as much cleavage as possible without falling out. Though she did try to make them fall out – which she made very clear to us by telling us just that while she shook them. I have nothing against breasts (beside my own), but after hearing a pair of great bands, it was quite a letdown.
  • Mom and Wood took Kim and I out today for a multi-birthday dinner and movie, which was quite a treat.
  • I’ve had two job interviews already, and one job offer. The first interview produced the offer, and it was quite lucrative, but it would have meant a long commute and lots of overtime for a job I wasn’t terribly interested in, so I declined. The second job interview hasn’t produced an offer, and wouldn’t be quite as lucrative, but it’s with a small, stable, family-owned company filled with pleasant people who say hello to new faces, and it would lead nicely into my career goal of being the manager of a small IT department at a Medium-sized company. I really hope it works out.

I’m sure there were other things of note that happened this last week, but for now they don’t rate the list in my memory. So that’s all you get.