In addition to celebrating Kim’s birthday (which is a fun and festive occassion in its own right), we went to see Rent at the fabulous Fox theater, and The Breakup at the better-than-mediocre Regal theater.

Rent was somewhat of a disappointment, and we were disappointed about that. Kim is a bit of a theater person, so we try to go to a show every few years or so, at the very least. This particular production is only in town for 3 days, and it seems like they may have rushed it (or stopped for too long). For a college performance, it was reasonable – entertaining, but poorly staged (the sides lost about a quarter of the stage because of big booms sticking out in front of the stage, which completely blocked the view of one of the back quarter arcs, and since there was no stage change, every square foot was used to represent some area in the story; the parts of the story represented by the back corner we couldn’t see were simply lost to us; and the same was true on the other side of the theater), and poorly mixed (the band was on stage with the performers, and drowned them out when they were doing anything less than belting out their music, so we lost any dialogue or moderated singing, as well as most harmonies, etc.). The problem was, it wasn’t a college performace, either by advertisement or price. Oh well.

The Breakup was a pretty good movie. I like it when they give both the guy and the girl reasonable and understandable excuses for doing what they do, and make them equally culpable in relationship problems. It makes the movie less preachy or vindictive. I feel I can safely recommend the movie, but you won’t miss anything if you don’t wait for the DVD, either.