Above is a hasty, messy Photoshop mockup of an idea I had last night. The purpose of the bug collector is chiefly to remove bugs from the house (spiders, wasps, beetles, or whatever other crawly things you may have that you are not too interested in handling, but don’t want to kill). It could also be used to capture bugs for study, feeding pets, feeding younger siblings, drowning in the toilet, or whatever other cruel, heartless intentions you may have.

It works as follows: The plunger with the red handle depresses a piston and compresses the spring, and is held in place as it is depressed by ratcheting action controlled by the red button. The air displaced by the piston is blown out primarily through the compression vents. When the red button is pressed, the spring quickly decompresses the piston, and air is drawn in through the bug bell and the bug trap beyond (motion of the air is controlled by valves in the compression vents and on the far side of the bug bell (though that is a two-way valve). Any bug in the bug trap is quickly sucked into the bug bell, and held in place by the valve trap at the far end. The bug is protected from being drawn into the piston by a dish at the near end of the bell, and a wire screen covering the sloped air vents leading into the piston (so the bug is caught in the dish, not the screen). If you wish to eject the bug from bell, you can turn the tube around the shaft to close off the compression vents, and push the plunger in quickly to force air through the bell. (This is best done when the device is bell-side down, as a bug still in the dish will be protected from the rush of air. The traps screws on and off so you can use it only when it is convenient.

That’s my idea! It would probably sell for $19.99, I figure, but I don’t think I know anyone who would pay that much for it.