Here is another hole I’ve created recently. This one actually took a long time to make (5-6 hours over 3 weekends) but very little time to repair. While I was making the hole, I managed to find, chop up, and remove the very nasty stump, which is labelled in the picture, and which was right in the middle of where Kim’s garden is going to go. But now it’s over in the wood pile.

Also, you may notice in the upper-left corner further proof of what I’ve long suspected.

We have some kind of mutant soil which will grow anything you throw even near the ground. How else can you account for me being able to grow grass from seed in the front yard without watering it, and when I barely even used a cultivator to break up the ground. How else can you account for the dirt beneath the birdfeeder becoming a lush grass jungle?

If anyone has some magic beans they’d like to sell me, I’m listening.