This post could be considered gross, crass, or uncouth. If you are unsettled by things of a bodily nature, skip to some movie reviews down below. Otherwise, read on.

I hate it when I get those little spots on the inside lip of your nose – zits, pimples, blemishes, arbitrary oil reservoirs – call them what you will. The skin there is so tight that any little irritation is a big irritation, and of course the only thing you can do with them is “take care of them”. Even worse are when they aren’t pimples at all, but impacted/ingrown hairs, since those can require some operation to extricate.

Well, I had one such this last week, and boy was it getting painful. I thought I’d freed it up a few days back, but that spot on my nose kept getting more and more tender, and the outside of my nose was getting redder and more swollen in response. I’ve always wondered how deep one would have to go to get to the inside from the outside (not very far, I thought, since the lip of the nostrils seems to be about twice as wide as the rest of the nose wall). In any case, I barely scratched at the swollen knot on the outside of my nose and out sprung the root end of a hair! I couldn’t really believe it at first, so I investigated it closely. It was clearly the root end. Finally, after Kim had assured me she wasn’t at all interested, I took some tweezers and pulled the hair out – backwards. That was a strange feeling.

Anyway, I thought this was so remarkable I had to share, even though it will probably cut my meager readership down to a trickle. [grin]