I haven’t really kept up with all of the science experiments a scientician like myself should be doing, especially after the success of my first confirmation experiment

But I now have begun a new experiment, and while it doesn’t involve alcohol, it involves human testing and possible physical danger, which is almost as good.

Exposing myself to a sufficient number of mosquito bites will reduce the allergic effects over time.

Supporting Proof:
I couldn’t find any in my exhaustive 3-minute search of Second Brain. But I recall reading before that the wheals that are mosquito bites are actually allergic reactions to the mosquito saliva and that many people lose their allergic reactions to mosquito bites in adolescence. Since I’ve lost most of my own allergies through over-exposure (cats, dogs, hay fever, dust, country music), I think I stand a reasonable chance of success.

Possible physical dangers:
Malaria or Encephalitis (including West Nile Virus). But all bold scientistic advances require personal sacrifice!

Nature of the experiment:
This mosquito season, while I am out doing yard work, I will not wear insect repellant. As a preliminary trial run, I went outside today with no scent other than my own natural mosquito aphrodesiac. Result: 8-12 mosquito bites. Huzzah!