This is my new Tattoo Template:

Ha ha! It’s not its fault it’s fat. It’s mine! Or, not fat, but Buddha-esque. It’s not the way I’d most like to be like the Buddha, but it’s the easiest.

This is the tattoo I drew directly onto the template. I colored like I was a tattoo artist – heavy, long lines, and no erasing. (Okay, just a little erasing). Not like I was a good tattoo artist, mind you, but the fellow who did the cross/sword on my arm wasn’t great, either, so I wanted to prepare myself for the possibilities.

Oh, no! That’s much too big. And beside, I can’t keep waxing my chest to keep the angel and demon clear.

Okay, that’s a little better. I like some of the things about this design. (The 5 minute coloring job and wonky lines aren’t those things.) Kim doesn’t like the hands on the demon, though – she says they’re freaky. I kinda think that makes her a little more inhuman, which is kinda the point, but oh well.

Just for fun, I put my last version of the tattoo (which I still really like, but they’re too voluptuous for a future father say some) onto the template:

Not too shabby!

I think I’ll draw a few more, then take them to a tattoo artist and let them come up with drawings of their own based on what I drew. I hear it usually looks best when the artist can use their own lines.

Any comments?