Kim and I bought a couple of videos recently. Then we watched them. And now I think I might discuss them. In a one-sided kind of way.

We bought Aeon Flux first, so I made sure we watched it first, too, since I thought Kim might otherwise find a way to keep it several items down in the list for awhile. I was of course interested in the film way back when it was in the theater, because it’s just that type of movie. My interest was renewed when it was the in-flight movie during our recent trip to California, but since I had selfishly grabbed the window seat for picture-taking, I was only able to see the lower-left portion of the movie screen. But that part seemed interesting. Anyway, we bought the video, and I watched the upper-right hand side and listened to the sound, too! It was a pretty movie to look out, but the plot had holes just large enough to drive dna-bearing zeppelins through. It’s a good kind of movie to veg to, but not the kind of movie you want to think about afterward, unless there’s someone else there so you can point and snicker together.

Kim and I both wanted to watch Millions. We’d seen the preview and liked it, and Todd and Cindy had recommended it on several occassions. We would have watched in the theaters, fo’shu’ fo’shu’, if we had had lived near a theater that had been clever enough to screen it. But we found it on DVD, which is nearly as good. Kim, on watching it, thought it was weird, but liked it. And I, I really liked it, a lot! The boy talks to Saints, for goodness’ sake! Todd was right when he said it was right up my alley. I don’t know how to recommend it without going through the plot. It has a little of the Alley MacBeal fantasy-world-made-real aspect to it, and a little of the disjointed hip-British-film feel. Yup. You’d best just see it. That way you’ll know what I’m talking about.