Kim and I watched to movies in the theater this weekend.

American Dreamz – Imagine American Pie, but replace the funny, raunchy sex comedy with social-political commentary sauced with a comic sensibility somewhere between A Mighty Wind and your high school’s senior play. I imagine that Kim and I had rented the DVD instead, and think that’s just about right.

Friends with Money – Clearly meant to be a woman-oriented movie (all of the four female leads are A-list actresses, their male counterparts are relative unknowns or character actors, and the story line is almost always following one or more of the women), I found it interesting that the men were the most interesting, sympathetic characters, and less of charicatures than the women. This movie lies somewhere between Closer, Love Actually, and Good Girl without really measuring up to the first two or feeling as emotionally dead-weighted as the last. Still, it’s relatively harmless, as far as movies go.