Last night I had a dream. I dreamt I accidentally put on Grandpa Bob’s glasses instead of my own, and the next thing I knew, I was the President of the United States. (I never knew it was so easy – I didn’t even have to spend time campaigning!) Perhaps it would better to say I was the Emperor/Augustus of the United States – in my dream I had a rubber stamp Congress and the mandate of the people behind me.

In my dream, I was very pleased with myself. I remember that I was trying to relocate the nation of Israel to Connecticut. I’m not sure why Connecticut, except that it had to be a costal region so it wouldn’t be a landlocked nation surrounded by the U.S. I recall that I thought I might get some grief from the good people of Connecticut, but in the end I was certain it would save lives and possibly avert another World War.

I remember deciding to apologize to the rest of the world on behalf of the United States. I never actually had to do the apologizing, but I’d come to the conclusion it had to be done, much like one has to apologize to their spouse even when you are absolutely sure you are not wrong, just because the peace and love of your spouse is worth more to you than being right.

I planned to implement the Fair Tax.

I planned to recommend school vouchers to the states, to recommend trade schools or college preperatory schools replace high schools, and to reward teachers for students who do more than succeed instead of punishing them for students who fail.

I planned to return to states’ rights.

I found it strange, as I thought over my dream on the way to work, that it was so lucid and political. I found it strange that I was considering all of these things while waiting for a fishing boat on the edge of a lake in the early morning. There were egrets.

I found it especially strange that there was no extreme failure in my dream. Nearly all of my memorable dreams involve some kind of failure or embarrassment or posing on my part. This one was not that way. Interesting.