I’ve decided to start doing what a lot of people do with their blogs – post links to interesting things I’ve read. But I’ll try to preface my posts with “Link” so you can avoid reading such posts, if you’re so inclined.

From the article:

Sometime this spring, the Supreme Court will hand down its decision in the case of Hudson v. Michigan. At issue is whether or not police who used an illegal “no-knock” raid to enter a defendant’s home can use the drugs they seized inside against the defendant at trial. To understand the importance of this case, some background is in order.

As the name indicates, a “no-knock” raid occurs when police forcibly enter a private residence without first knocking and announcing that they’re the police. The tactic is appropriate in a few limited situations, such as when hostages or fugitives are involved, or where the suspect poses an immediate threat to community safety. But increasingly, this highly confrontational tactic is being used in less volatile situations, most commonly to serve routine search warrants for illegal drugs.

Oh, and the link to the article is in the post title.

Follow-up Link
Sometimes puppies are the victims, too.

I was watching Equilibrium the other day, and I remember thinking out strange it was that the director shows in every graphic detail people being killed, and nobody (including myself) bats an eye. But when it came time for the dogs to be shot, he cut away. Strange.