Beware, all ye who enter! In a short time, you shall be inundated with aerial and cloud photography. I shall not spare you this time.

As you may or may not know, I was awarded a trip out to California by Netifice (my employer) for service, good behavior, and keeping my nose clean. They put Kim and I up in a very fancy hotel for a few days, and allowed us to extend the trip a bit more so we could visit with friends and family.

As you may also know, it is my wont to pick a window seat and take pictures out the plane window until my neck gets stuck sideways.

We had some free time to play golf, go shopping, visit a spa, or “sightsee”. We chose to “peoplesee”.

The hotel room was beautiful. You know how sometimes you see pictures of hotel rooms online, but when you get there you’re not sure if they made a mistake, or if they took the picture from some odd angle that made the room look twice as big? Not here. We didn’t get any good pictures of the room, but this is very accurate. The bathroom was almost as big as the bedroom, and the tub was a small pool. Unfortunately we didn’t get any really good pictures, except from the balcony.

By Mom’s request, Kim took a picture of me in my new (first) suit:


After we left the hotel Saturday morning, we took off driving in the convertible Netifice rented for us and visited more friends and family.

First we met Dad and Sandy at the San Clemente pier.

(The problem with impromptu photos is that people seem to develop spontaneous, momentary narcolepsy. Dad posted better photos here.)

Next we caught up with Kim’s friend Christina and her family. I took pictures of their resident pixie, Taylor.

As we drove off to visit Kim’s family, Kim took a few more cloud shots for me.

Lizzie joined us that night. We spent some time with Kim’s family, and with her other neice Michelle, then skedaddled for a short night in a somewhat less exciting hotel.

We spent the better part of the next day with Cindy and Todd. Lizzie had some fun in the convertible, Kim took pictures of her rings, and we picked up a hitchhiker.

The next morning was our last in California. We drove by the office to say thanks with a smile, and Kim got more proof that SoCal is loaded with palm trees.

Then it was time to fly back home.

Next up: Pictures from Lizzie’s stay with us!