Since it was so pleasant outside (and since I’m a procrastinator and putting off patching the two spots in the ceiling), I did the better part of my household work outside this weekend. There was a big, droopy, prickly bush that stuck out in the middle of the yard and needed to be hacked down to a stump, so I had at it.

While I was out there, I realized that not only was it pleasant, it was beautiul. I suppose most of you have had enough of cloud pictures, so I won’t post any here today. But I will show you the evidence that springtime is upon us: all of our weeds are begining to bloom!

These little guys are everywhere – in the front yard, in the back yard, and in most of the flower beds. I think they’re Kim’s favorites.

We have Dafydils! They were almost in time for St David’s Day, too. There are bunches of them here and there around the house. Kim and I like them enough that we’ll probably intentionally plant them next year.
By the way, I don’t know the names of any of the other flowers. I haven’t spent any energy to look them up, so you shouldn’t either, but if you happen to recognize any of them, let me know!

These lavendar flowers grow in one little patch of the ivy in the front. I think they just might be where I emptied a flower pot last year.

These purple flowers have a pretty strong colony going in another patch of ivy in the front.

This tree isn’t really ours; it’s our neighbors. But I think it’s pretty and we can see it from the front of the house, so there. Actually, these trees are really common around the parts of Atlanta I’ve seen. Can you imagine driving down a curvy, liesurly avenue where these trees crown out over the median?

I’m pretty sure these flowers belong to the clover.

This is another bush I’m supposed to whack, but now I think I’ll move it instead. He definitely needs a haircut, but that will be another day, since he seems to be a favorite of the bees.

This tree is in the corner of our backyard. It’s definitely a different species from the white-blossomed tree our neighbor has. I think it’s my favorite.

This pink-blossomed tree is in another corner of our yard. It’s a close second.

And no, our backyard isn’t that big. See? The trees are right next to eachother.